Sunday, July 2, 2017

Practice for the week of July 3rd-8th

Hey Team,
So this week is the annual "NO CONTACT" period for me.  So all High School coaches cannot hold practices.  So this week you are on your own.  I will post the workouts here so that you can try to stay on track for the Jr. Olympics.  Normal practice times will resume the week of July 10th.

Monday: 12-17 X Hills  Sprint up, jog/walk back focusing on Knee lift and fast arms
Tuesday: Recovery run 3-5 miles with 8 strides after
Wednesday: 3X1200 repeats (3000m pace) with 2 mins recovery
Thursday: Recovery run 3-5 miles with 8 strides after
Friday: 12X200 repeats (400 meter pace, 200 jog recovery)
Saturday: Long run 5-7 miles

Monday: 5X50 Fly's
               6X Hills walk back recovery
Tuesday: 5X50 Fly's
               3 point starts to 20-25-30-35-40 meters
Wednesday: 5X50 Fly's
                    120-150-250-150-120 at 95% with 8 mins active recovery
Thursday: 5X50 Fly's
                 Coaches 400 (sprint 100, walkback 50)
Friday: 5X50 Fly's
            3 points starts to 25-30-40-50 meters

As with all our workouts do warmups first then do the workout and then lunge and stretch after.  Remember to HYDRATE and get your REST!  It gets warmer as the week goes on.

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