Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Track Club

If you are interested in joining our track club please follow these steps:

1) Click here to register with USA track & field enter club #163

2) Send an e-mail to with the following info:
Name, age (Birthdate) and sex of participant(s) along with a contact phone # and e-mail address.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Practice Schedule for the week of May 25-30

Its that time for us to make an adjustment to our practice schedule now that school is out.  Here is our schedule:
All Distance runners

All Sprinters

All Hurdlers & Jumpers

All Throwers

Saturday Track Meet:

The meet on Saturday at this point is still not determined.  It was supposed to be at Lone Peak High but it will be at another location.  I will let you know as soon as possible.  I was told that we would know by Monday evening.  All High School athletes need to check their uniform size so that if we need to make any changes we need to do so asap.  Make sure you get your SLEEP and remember to HYDRATE!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Practice is Cancelled today!!

Sorry team but practice is cancelled today.  We are supposed to get more rain between 5 and 7 pm right during our practice.  Enjoy your day off and plan for tomorrow… permitting!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

***UPDATE*** Practice schedule for the week of May 18-23

First, I want to Congratulate all of our High School athletes who competed at the Utah State Meet Championships this past weekend at BYU.  They battled RAIN, HAIL and COLD Temps to post some impressive times and places.  Congrats athletes!!  Here is this weeks schedule:
Snow Canyon High from 5-7pm
Thursday and Friday NO practice because of Graduation and the Memorial Day Weekend.

For those that ordered Uniforms during the initial order I should have them by Tuesday.  There is on the schedule a Track Meet for this Saturday at Timpanogos High School starting at 9am. I know this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and you might have other plans.  This is not a mandatory meet but an opportunity to get some good experience.
Remember  to HYDRATE and get your SLEEP!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

USATF Junior Olympic Cross-Country Championships

Good Luck to Sarah Snow tomorrow morning at the USATF Junior Olympic Cross-Country Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  She is representing Quickfeet and all of Washington County tomorrow as she runs in the 3000 Meters.  She will be competing about 9am (Utah Time) and you can watch it live at  Go get 'em SARAH!!!!!  Btw, Sarah and Lily Poulton competed at the prestigious Footlocker West Championships last weekend at Mt. Sac and finished 3 and 4 overall in the 7-8 grade girls race!!!  Way to go LADIES you are AMAZING!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 7

The final day of competition ended with 2 more Quickfeet athletes garnering All-American status.  First in the 7-8 Boys 1500 Meters McKay Wells ran an amazing race and PR'ed by 11 seconds to finish 3rd in the nation!!  His time of 5:26.76 puts him only 15 seconds off the National Record of 5:11.  McKay is still in this age group next year so we shall see what he can do with a full year under his belt!  If you have never seen McKay run it is a thing of beauty!  McKay is now the highest finisher (3rd) of any Quickfeet athlete on the national stage!  Congrats McKay!
Our second All-American today is actually our only 3 time All-American….Jaslyn Gardner!  Jaz did an amazing job this week especially since she has been battling a hamstring injury since our State Meet.  We are so proud of Jaz and she is a great example of hard work and dedication!!  Jaz finished 7th today in a close 100 meter final.  She actually has to get ready now for the Hershey National Finals next week as she has been invited to defend her 100 meter title from last year.  Good Luck Jaz!  You will be AMAZING!!
Our other two athletes that performed on the final day were Jaylon Gardner (13-14 Boys Discus) and Sophia Jensen (11-12 Girls) 1500 meter.  Jay finished 31 out of 41 competitors in the Discus and his parents had to go back and forth between the Discus and Jaslyn's 100 Meter.  Nothing like doing them at the same time!  Congrats coach Jay!!  Sophia decided today to keep her lunch in and not compete for throw-up champion like she did in the 800 meters earlier this week.  She was so much more composed and confident going into this event and it showed with a new PR of 5:26.73 and finishing 36 of 50 runners!  What an amazing addition to our team Sophia and Oliver have been to our team in only the last 6 weeks!  Congratulations to ALL of my 23 athletes who made the trip to Houston this year and competed to the best of their abilities!  We finished with a total of 7 All-Americans this year topping our previous high set last year with 5.  We now have a total of 16 All-Americans in the last 3 years!! I am so proud of how you conducted yourself on and off the track!  We showed the nation that our small community can compete with the best of them and that we are not afraid to try!  The lessons and experiences that my athletes learned this week will go with them forever and they are already better people for having done so.  Thank you to our community for supporting these athletes and their dreams of competing at the highest of levels!  We could not have done it without you!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 6

Nothing like starting off Day 6 with a 9am 3000 Meter run (still in HOT and Humid weather) but that is just what Oakley Jackson did today.  This was Oakley's first major meet and even though he was a little nervous did an amazing job by PR'ing by 6 seconds in 10:47!  Just imagine if he actually ate and hydrated properly the day before….;).  I think I need to actually watch them consume the food personally instead of just believing them!  Even though he PR'ed, he learned a valuable lesson!
Next, we were able to watch Jaylon Gardner throw the Shot Put around a few times and tie for 23rd of 43 athletes!  Coach J (as I like to call him) actually threw his farthest throw on the very 1st attempt so he did a great job coming right out and getting after it.  He competes in the Discus tomorrow morning and says he is ready to "pop" a big one!!  Go get 'em "Coach J"!!
Our final competitor of the day was Connor Poulsen in the Final of the 13-14 Boys 800 Meters!  As I mentioned in a previous post Connor came in ranked 20th after our Region Meet with a 2:09.63.  Then in the first round he ran a 2:06.05 PR to make today's Final.  In practice the last 4 weeks since our Region Meet I have had Connor running splits that would put him on 2:02 pace (he did not know this BTW until we talked race strategy last night and I told him he was ready to do it!)  So today he had specific instructions that he was to stay right behind Derek Thomas (our Region Champion and #2 ranked runner).  I told him that after hitting the break line he was to get right behind Derek (who is a much taller athlete) and let him do the work.  He did just that, even though he slowed a little bit to get behind him.  Derek and Connor came into the first 200 meters in 7 & 8th place in just over 28 second.  Conner looked directly at me at the 200 meter mark and had the look of "just like this coach?"  (You will have to watch the video because it was absolutely hilarious to me!)  He even did it on the next lap!    He came through the 400 meters in just over 60 seconds and with 350 meters to go Derek made a move and Connor followed.  Now we talked the night before that we thought he would do it with 250 meters but he did it much sooner.  Connor was up to the challenge and followed!  I told him that I wanted him to do everything Derek was doing, if he moved…you move.  If he sneezed…you sneeze, etc.  When they came to the 200 meter mark Derek opened up a little over a second advantage on Connor and they still were chasing 3 other runners!  Derek caught all of them and won the race but Connor gave it everything he had and in the home stretch caught 2 of the 3 that were ahead of him and it was a dog fight until the finish were Connor finished 5th with a new PR of 2:02.75!!  He hit the 2:02 that we were shooting for and took 7 seconds off his time coming into this meet!  Connor became our 5th official Jr. Olympic All-American at this meet, which equals our highest output from last year!  I love his work ethic and personal desire to do his best every time!  Connor has matured so much this year as a racer and I could not be more prouder of how much he trust me to help him be at his best!
Tomorrow is the final day at the Jr. Olympics and we have 4 more athletes that will be competing this year then we get to go HOME!  So I probably will not be able to update Day 7 for you until sometime Monday afternoon since we will be getting back to Utah around 3am Monday.  So if you want to see how we did you will either have to watch it live or look up the results at  Thank you for all your support for these athletes and I hope you have enjoyed my little write-ups!!

Here is tomorrow's schedule.  Again all times are UTAH start times!
Go to to watch live!!

8:00am McKay Wells (under 9 Boys) 1500 Meters
approx.9:00am Sophia Jensen (11-12 Girls) 1500 Meters
11:00am Jaslyn Gardner (13-14 Girls) 100 Meter Final
11:00am Jaylon Gardner (13-14 Boys) Discus