Thursday, February 12, 2015

Track Club

If you are interested in joining our track club please follow these steps:

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 4

Another spectacular day at the Jr. Olympics here in Houston, TX.  We got our day started with the 17-18 Girls Long Jump where Abby Taylor finished 18 of 41 athletes!  She got better with each jump but it wasn't quite enough to get her to the finals.  So proud of our "oldest" athlete and the example she sets for the rest of the team.  Great job Abby!!  Next we ventured back on the track for the (15-16 & 17-18) Girls 100 Hurdles where both of our Heptathletes showed that they were more than able to keep up with the rest of the ladies.  Kaylee Carter improved her time in the open 100 hurdles from her Heptathlon with a time of 16.47 placing her 30 of 46 Girls.  Olivia (Birthday Girl) Leavitt decided to give herself a present for her birthday by running a new PR of 14.63 in her hurdle race and finished 19th of 40 ladies. Her time on Monday in the Heptathlon was 14.94 so I think she figured out how to run on this track and heat rather quickly.  So proud of our "oreo"!
Next, up was the 100's where Oliver Jensen (11-12 Boys), Sampson Doyle (13-14 Boys), Kylie Dorius  and Starlee Woodbury (15-16 Girls) and Abby Taylor (17-18 Girls) ran some amazing times with at least half of them setting new PR's in the process!  When you factor in that these runners best times came when they ran at altitude and "thin" air, to running in Houston which is close to sea level and humid.  So to PR or even run the same time you did at altitude is quite incredible and these athletes did that!  Our final 100 meter runner Jaslyn (Jaz) Gardner is the Nations top returning runner in the 13-14 Girls 100 where she finished in 8th place last year.  This year Jaz has been winning every race by almost 1 full second in the 100.  She has not been pushed once this year so when she ran a 12.27 at our Region meet in the 1st round, I knew she was ready to "POP" a big one here.  Jaz, decided it was time to get one of those "POPS" in so today she ran a 12.09!  This is a new PR and new Utah Youth Record.  Coming into this season the all-time Utah High School State record was 11.85 and our goal was to break 12 this year for Jaz and start knocking on the door of this record.  She is starting to pound on that door because she made a few technical errors and still ran this incredible time.  If she puts it all together and corrects them then a sub 12 will happen soon!!  Her time tied her for the 3rd best time going into the semi-finals.  So we shall see what happens tomorrow!  Oh and BTW, I did mention this all-time high school time that Jaz is approaching…..she is going to be a FRESHMAN this coming year!!  She just finished the 8th grade!
Our last events of the day were the 4X100 where we had a 13-14 Girls and a 15-16 Girls team compete.  Our (15-16 Girls) came in with a season best of 52.43 and today they ran 51.73 and finished 32nd.  Our (13-14 Girls) came in with a 53.39 at our Region meet and as a result we were placed in lane 8 of our heat.  Our team of Myley Alexander, Laveni Vaka, Daviana Vaka and Jaslyn Gardner today ran a 49.44 which placed them 9th of 40 teams and one place out of the finals!!  We had a couple of rough exchanges that made it difficult for us to crack the top 8.  These ladies have a low 48 in them and although they were disappointed to finish one spot out of the finals they did an amazing job!  Their time is also a new all-time Utah Youth Record!  So proud of these incredible young women!!!

Here is Tomorrow (Friday) Schedule:
All times are UTAH times:
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8:00am Carter Slack (9-10 Boys) 400 Meters
9:00am Jacob Bastian (11-12 Boys), Myley Alexander (13-14 Girls), Connor Poulsen (13-14 Boys) 400 Meters
10:00am Kylie Dorius and Lexi Olds (15-16 Girls) and Chris Poulsen (15-16 Boys) 400 Meters
11:30am Jaslyn Gardner (13-14 Girls) 100 Meter Semi-Final
2:30pm (13-14 Girls) 4X400 Relay:  Daviana Vaka, Laveni Vaka, Emme Leavitt and Myley Alexander

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jr. Olympics Day 3

Today was Day 3 at the Jr. Olympics and it was fantastic for our Quickfeet athletes!!  We had several PR's in the 800!  Carter Slack got our day off to a rocking start with an 8 sec PR in his race.  He came in ranked 47th but finished in 23rd place!  Sophia tried to set a new record on who could throw up the most and still set a new PR.  She did both!  Jacob ran a gutsy fantastic race even though he came up just short in the PR dept.  Emme Leavitt finished 4th in her heat and 17th overall with a new PR of 2:25.42!  Her previous SB (Seasons Best) was 2:29 so this was a HUGE run for her.  She has another year in this age group so look out for next year ladies cause Emme is coming for ya!  To finish our 800 meter runs for the day was Connor Poulsen (13-14 Boys) who came in tied for 20th out of 54 boys entered with a time of 2:09.63.  Connor decided that he wanted to race in the finals and become an All-American so he went out and ran a 2:06.05 800 and finish with the 5th fastest time in the meet!  Ya that is an almost 4 sec PR and puts him in the FINALS on Saturday!!  Our first athlete to qualify for the Finals!
In the 200's Oliver Jensen did an amazing job and ran a new PR of 27.92.  Oliver came in 57th of 58 athletes and finished in 46th place.  Kylie and Abby gave it everything they had in their 200's and did a great job!
To finish our day we had the 13-14 Girls 4x800 team compete……and compete they did!!  They came in 19th of 27 teams and had to run in the slowest heat.  The won their heat by 31 seconds SHATTERING their previous record and Utah State Youth Record of 10:58.51 with a 10:20.89 to finish 6th in the nation and become JR.OLYMPIC ALL-AMERICANS!!!!!  The team was made up of Lilly Poulton, Myley Alexander, Ashlyn Redfearn and Emme Leavitt!!!  So extremely proud of all our athletes and they way in which they are competing!!  Lets do it again tomorrow TEAM!!  Here is the schedule of events and athletes who are competing:

*****WATCH US AT*****
All times are UTAH times!
7:00am Abby Taylor (17-18 Girls) Long Jump
9:50am Kaylee Carter (15-16 Girls) 100 Hurdles
9:50am Olivia Leavitt (17-18 Girls) 100 Hurdles
11:30am Jaslyn Gardner (13-14 Girls) 100 Meters
11:30am Samson Doyle (13-14 Boys) 100 Meters
12:00pm Starlee Woodbury and Kylie Dorius (15-16 Girls) 100 Meters
12:30pm Oliver Jensen (11-12 Boys) and Abby Taylor (17-18 Girls) 100 Meters
4:00pm Myley Alexander, Laveni Vaka, Daviana Vaka and Jaslyn Gardner (13-14 Girls) 4x100 Relay
5:00pm Lexi Olds, Kaylee Carter, Kylie Dorius and Starlee Woodbury (15-16 Girls) 4x100 Relay

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jr. Olympics UPDATE!

     First, our two ladies who competed in the Heptathlon did a fantastic job!! Olivia Leavitt (17-18 Girls) finished in 15th place with a total of 3889 Points!  It was 79 points higher than her previous Heptathlon a month ago.  Today was her 3rd Heptathlon ever.  Great job Olivia!!!  Kaylee Carter (15-16 Girls) finished in 12th place and had a HUGE second day to move up in the standings.  This was Kaylee's second ever Heptathlon and she scored 3898 points!!  Her previous best total was one month ago at the Region Meet with a total of 3323!  Kaylee PR'ed in several events!  Her biggest improvement came in the Javelin where she went from a best of 77'-10" to one month later throwing 111'-10"!!! Ya that is a 34 foot improvement!!  She finished 2nd in that event.
     I am so very proud of these fine young ladies on how well they competed under these HOT and HUMID conditions!! It was only 96 degrees with a guess of about 80% Humidity!  Ya it was miserable but they were AMAZING these last two days!!!

Here is our schedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) of athletes who are competing:
All times are UTAH times!
9:45am Carter Slack (9-10 Boys) 800 Meters
10:45am Sophia Jensen (11-12 Girls) 800 Meters
10:45am Jacob Bastian (11-12 Boys) 800 Meters
11:00am Emme Leavitt (13-14 Girls) 800 Meters
11:00am Connor Poulsen (13-14 Boys) 800 Meters
1:45pm Oliver Jensen (11-12 Boys) 200 Meters
2:40pm Kylie Dorius (15-16 Girls) 200 Meters
3:00pm Abby Taylor (17-18 Girls) 200 Meters
4:00pm 4x800 Relay (13-14 Girls)
Lily Poulton
Myley Alexander
Ashlyn Redfearn
Emme Leavitt
Again you can watch this meet and all these races at

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Practice Schedule for the week of July 21-23 (Jr. Olympics)

So those of you that are still in St. George before coming to the Jr. Olympics coach Jason will be there on Monday only from 6:30-8am and it is for Distance runners only.

***To watch our athletes compete this week at the Jr. Olympics, please go to****
Monday & Tuesday:
Kaylee Carter (15-16) and Olivia Leavitt (17-18)
They will be competing in the Heptathlon the first two days starting at 8am Central Time!!  Good Luck ladies!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wednesday's practice

So all Distance runners we will have Jason Wells (McKay's Dad) at practice tomorrow at the normal time 6:30am so plan on being there.  As for the rest of the team I should be there by 9am so plan on coming at that time.  See you tomorrow TEAM!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ok Team this is our last full week of practice for the year!!!!

So we had a great time in Cedar at the duel meet with the Cedar Track Attack.  Thank you for all those who attended.  The weather turned out to be perfect so that was fun.  I need all those who are going to the Jr. Olympics to bring me their entry fees for your events Tomorrow!!  It is $8 per event including the relays.  The Heptathlon is $24.  Please put it in an envelope with your athletes name on it so I know who it is from.  Each day after practice this week starting at 2pm we will go out to finish up any fundraising that we can so please plan on spending some time with us to do this.  Wednesday of this week is going to be a little different as I will be officially interviewing at Snow Canyon High for the PE/Health/History position so I will not be able to be to practice till 9:30am.  I need a couple of parents to help me with the early practices this day because I do not want to miss out on any valuable time.  So please let me know if you can help this day.

Practice Schedule:
6:30-8:30am All Distance Runners
6:30-10:30am All Heptathletes
8:00-10:00am All Sprinters/Relays
9:30-11:30am All Jumpers/Throwers

TBD  I will post an update as soon as I can for this day

Work hard this week and remember to stay HYDRATED and get your REST!!!