Monday, July 24, 2017

Jr. Olympics Day 1

Day 1: Madison 1500 meter Racewalk
So this is the text I got Sunday night (Late last night) from her mother, "I am hoping that she will run.  She has a pounding headache that feels like someone's hitting her with a hammer, she has a fever, she has no energy and is sleeping constantly.  We have gotten her medicine, and have given her a blessing and we are trying to fill her with good things although her appetite is zero." Then this follow up this morning..."No headache or fever at the moment.  She is super negative and agitated.  She needs to hang with you and pumped with positive juices.  Her being sick has brought in a lot of negativeness. 😩. HELP"
So not exactly how we wanted to start the week off especially since this came on so quickly.  Well she showed up and I did my thing with the "positive juices" (a little secret that only Maddy and I know about) and she went out there and took 5th in her heat with a 13 second PR!!!  She came in ranked 24th of 49 athletes and finished 19th overall with her new PR!  So PROUD of you Maddy for "doing hard things" when you didn't think you could do it!  Life lesson learned!!  Oh did I mention that her race was at 4pm and it was 92+ degrees with about 52% Humidity!  So tomorrow is the Opening Ceremonies which are always fun to attend.  We do not have anyone competing tomorrow so next update will be Wednesday night.  BTW, if you want to watch the Jr. Olympics go to USATF.TV

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